Sourdough Starter for Sourdough Pizza

Today's post will be a 2 part post.
*Pizza Recipe, pictures, and review to follow later tonight*

The first part of today's post will be the directions to making the sourdough starter needed for the crust of the sourdough pizza. Its a very simple process but can take anywhere from 2-5 days till it is complete. The pizza recipe can also be made with a traditional pizza dough, but i like the flavor of the sourdough crust.

Prep Time: 10- 15 min.
Ready In: 2-5 Days

Here's What You'll Need:
  • 2 Cups Spring Water
  • 1 Tbl. Sugar, Honey, or Maple Syrup
  • 2 Cups all purpose flower
  • 1 Tbl. Yeast

  1. Beat all of the ingredients together in a bowl
  2. Cover the bowl with a towel and place in a warm area (cover bowl with cloth not plastic to allow airborne wild yeast to enter) The starter will bubble within a few minutes. It will double in size, but as it begins to ferment it will settle down.
  3. Let the starter sit in a warm place, stirring the liquid back into the batter (it will separate) once a day for 2- 5 days. When the bubbling has stopped and it has a sour yeasty aroma, it is ready to use.
  4. Stir the mixture and measure the amount needed. It should be the consistency of pancake batter.
Keep Your Starter Going

  1. Store the finished starter in a sealed jar in the refrigerator.
  2. Every time you remove an amount of starter add to your starter an equal amount of flower and water. (If you use 1/2 cup starter add 1/2 cup each of flower and water) Let the starter sit in a warm place for 12 hours then Return to refrigerator.

A starter can be kept as long as you would like. Every week or two, be sure to use/ remove part of the starter, and add as much flower and water as you used/ removed.

*Pizza Recipe, pictures, and review to follow later tonight*