Notice Anything New?

Hey Everyone! I just wanted to let everyone know about a few changes that I have made to my page layout. First off, You'll notice a new Submit a Recipe button below every post. This gives the readers of Kopp's Cookings a chance to submit recipes for me to make, take pictures, and review. I encourage everyone to take the opportunity to submit a recipe while I still have openings. Heck, if i start getting more recipes submitted, I may have to make this a daily things! ( Then I'll have to start a weight loss blog!)

The second change to Kopp's Cookings is the new, What's for Dessert Link, located below the Submit a Recipe button. This new link takes you to my "sister site" Lou Bell Bakes, run by no other than my sister Melissa. Here are some Tasty Previews of Lou Bell Bakes!

My Overall Rating For Lou Bell Bakes: 5 out of 5 Clean Plates


Lou Bell said...

You're TOO kind!

Mary Kay Hays said...

Hi Melissa! Just found your site and can't wait to try the recipes! Connor is looking with me and drooling! I think today we will start with the blueberry muffins and tom. will be the cinnamon rolls! Thanks!

Greg Kopp said...

Hey Mary Kay! You left your message on the wrong comment area. Ill send this one to melissa!